How to Live the RV Life Without the RV (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

There’s something undeniably freeing and inspiring about hopping in an RV with your significant other, family, or friends and hitting the road for an extended period of time. Exploring the great outdoors, spending quality time with those close to you, and leaving your real-world responsibilities behind for a while.


It seems everyone has an instinct for this RV lifestyle, but not everyone has an RV. Does that mean you’re left out of the excitement and freedom that this experience can bring! No way! Here, we’ll take a look at how you can live the RV life without even owning an RV. It’s much easier than you might think.

Why the RV Isn’t Essential to the RV Lifestyle

There’s more to RVing than just the RV. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true! There’s an entire lifestyle built around these vehicles that you can tap into without having to make a large investment. It’s about breaking free from your daily routine, spending quality time with family and friends, taking a well-earned and much-needed break from work, and exploring the wonders of the northwest. An RV is just a vehicle (both metaphorically and literally!) to help you achieve that lifestyle. But it’s not the only way.

Living the RV Lifestyle Without an RV

Join the RV community.

Living the RV lifestyle isn’t defined by the vehicle you own. Instead, it’s about the people you’re with, the places you are, and the activities you’re enjoying – all of which you can get without an RV! To become part of the RV culture, all you have to do is show up, let loose, and have a blast. You’ll find this community to be welcoming, friendly, and downright fun – even if you don’t have an RV!

Stay in the same places.

RV resorts and parks are much more than just pit stops along your northwest road trip. They’re special places where like-minded people come together to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, the laughter of great company, and the excitement of fun activities. RV parks are scattered throughout the northwest, but only a select few have camping alternatives for those without RVs. When looking for the best places to stay, you’ll want to find RV resorts and parks that have cabins, tent sites, and other places you can stay.

Enjoy the same activities.

When you’re staying in the same places as RV veterans, that means you get access to all the same exciting activities that make the RV lifestyle so enjoyable. Whether you’re hanging around in the evenings after a long day of exploring or you’re spending the whole weekend at the RV resort before moving on with your trip, you’ll find more than enough activities to keep you and your family engaged and entertain when you stay at the right places. Here are just a few of the activities you can access at world-class RV parks:

  • Recreation center
  • Pool
  • Fire pits
  • Fitness center
  • Basketball court
  • Stage
  • Kayak rentals
  • Boat rentals

Where to Stay Without an RV

Welcoming communities, conveniently located stops, and endless activities – that sounds like the perfect trip for non-Rvers looking to take advantage of the RV lifestyle. But where can you get all of these advantages without having to own a rig? That’s where RV inn Style Resorts can help!


We have a vast network of RV resorts and parks throughout the northwest many of which offer camping alternatives for those without RVs including cabins, tent campsites, and much more. If you’re looking for a glamping experience, we have deluxe cabins equipped with fully functional kitchens, comfortable beds, and en-suite bathrooms. If you want to remain close to the beautiful nature of the northwest, we have tent campsites with picnic tables and firepits.


Need something in between luxury and camping? We’ve got you covered there too! Plus, when staying at any of our resorts, you’ll have access to all of our resort-style amenities whether you’re driving an RV or not! That includes fast WiFi, cable TV, pristine showers and bathrooms, coin-op laundry facilities, and much more!


Planning an upcoming road trip through the northwest and looking for places to stay? Look no further! Whether you’re driving around in your RV or any other type of vehicle, RV inn Style Resorts has ideal places for you to stay. With resort-style amenities, exciting activities, and perfect locations, you won’t ever want to leave!

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