What to Look for When Choosing an RV Resort

What to Look for When Choosing an RV Resort 


You’ve finally pulled the trigger on your dream RV trip and you’re knee-deep in research. You and your family have already identified a number of exciting destinations that you’ll visit on your trip. But where will you park your RV for the night? You want a place that’s conveniently located, well-equipped, secure, and affordable but might not know where to begin. Here, we’ll look at some key considerations to make when choosing which RV resorts to stay at during your next RV trip. 

Location, location, location. 

Perhaps the most important consideration to make when choosing an RV resort for your trip is location. The whole point of your trip, after all, is to visit some amazing destinations. You would not want to end up staying hours away from these spots as you’d lose out on valuable vacation time that could otherwise be spent exploring these places. While proximity to the things you want to see is vital, it’s not the only location-related consideration. You’ll also want to choose RV resorts that are located in or near towns to increase accessibility to amenities and other conveniences. 

Variety of Amenities 

Although an RV gives you a lot more than a standard vehicle, you’re still missing out on some key amenities while driving on the road. That’s why it’s nice to find a place to stay that offers a wide variety of amenities to make your stop more comfortable. In terms of comfort and relaxation, you should keep an eye out for RV resorts with Wi-Fi connection, electrical hookups, and satellite TV. When it comes to RV maintenance, you’ll want a place that offers running water and waste disposal.  

Positive Reviews 

An excellent way to ensure you’re choosing the best RV resort is to see what previous guests have to say about their experience. It’s safe to assume that the aggregate testimonial would be indicative of what you would experience at the same place. Although it varies between each resort, you can usually find reviews on Google or on the resort’s Facebook page or website. Make sure to leave your own review when you’re finished with your stay to help other RVers make an accurate decision. 

Customer Service 

When you’re researching the best RV resorts for your next road trip, you probably aren’t thinking about customer service. After all, that’s just relevant for hotels…right? Well, it depends. There are some higher-end RV resorts that have a committed, on-site staff that’s there to ensure the experience of their guests is top-notch. Other RV parks and campgrounds simply have a single person on site to check people in and out. Choosing an RV resort with excellent customer service can make your stay that much more enjoyable. 


A commonly overlooked consideration RVers should make when choosing a place to stop is security. Every once in a while, RVs are targeted for petty crime, and you want to ensure your family and belongings are protected This is one of the many areas where RV resorts strongly outshine campgrounds. While campgrounds rarely have any safety protocols in place, RV resorts tend to have a variety of measures to keep their guests safe. When choosing the best RV resorts for you and your family to stay in, be sure to inquire about their security. Gates, security cameras, and security guards are just a few measures that can make a big difference for your peace of mind. 


Once you find an RV resort that ticks off all the boxes on your list of must-haves, you’ll wish you could find a spot just like it at all stops along your trip. Fortunately, you can! Many companies that own and operate RV resorts own a vast network of locations. This ensures consistent quality, customer service, and affordability throughout your trip which is music to any RVers ears. RV Inn Style Resorts is one such network with over 20 locations spread across the Pacific Northwest. 


If you’re looking for the perfect places to stop along your RV trip, visit RV Inn Style Resorts to learn more about our well-equipped, conveniently located, and secure resorts. 

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