RV Work-Life Balance: How to Take Your Office On the Go for Your Next Trip

The dream for many RV enthusiasts is to pack up their rig and hit the road without any concrete plans of a return date. While this level of caution-to-the-wind might not be feasible for most, the workspace is currently undergoing a transformation where employees are being granted more flexibility than ever before.


In fact, 65% of people want to continue working remotely with over half even willing to look for a new job to accommodate that flexibility. If you find yourself in this position, your RV dreams have never been closer. Here, we’ll take a look at how you can successfully manage work while on the road.

Choose work-friendly stops.

One of the best opportunities to get work done is when you’re parked somewhere for a few days. When browsing different spots along your trip to stop, we highly advise looking for RV resorts. These work-friendly locations have electrical hookups to power your devices, reliable WiFi hotspots to keep you connected, and effective security to keep your valuables safe. RV campgrounds, on the other hand, are typically located far from even cellular connection and might not even offer electrical hookups.

Get a strong WiFi hotspot.

RV resorts are perfect places to work when on the road. Unfortunately, you won’t always have an opportunity to take advantage of these stops when you need to get some work done. Maybe you’re spending a few days in a park or hitting the road for a longer drive. Regardless, there are some times when a wireless connection won’t be accessible. That’s where a WiFI hotspot can come in handy. These powerful devices rely on cellular networks to create a WiFi connection. Make sure you get a capable mode with robust coverage in the area where you’re traveling.

Have a designated workspace.

The flexibility of remote work comes with a lot of obvious advantages, but this alternative isn’t without its challenges. Constantly changing environments can make it difficult to stay focused. In order to optimize productivity when on the road, you should try to create a routine around your work. Finding a designated workspace in your RV and routinely using it for work is one of the best ways to get your mind in a flow to work efficiently. Whenever you sit down to work, your body will more easily shift from vacation to work mode.

Downsize your workstation.

Whatever workspace you had when working from home most likely won’t be replicated in the RV – no matter how spacious it is. Downsizing your workstation can make it easier and more comfortable to work while on the road. Start by cutting out items that aren’t essential. For starters, you don’t need a drawer full of pens, a dozen notebooks, towers of files, or multiple keyboards. You get the idea. If you can reduce your workstation to a laptop and a few other necessities, you’ll find it much smoother to work while on an RV trip.

Invest in a safe or locking mechanism.

RVs aren’t often the target of theft, but you’ll still want to take all necessary safety precautions. That includes protecting your work equipment. Not only are your phone, laptop, tablet, and other devices valuable in their own right, they might also have sensitive information on them depending on your line of work. Since it’s not plausible to lug these devices around with you whenever you leave the RV, it’s smart to invest in a small safe or locking mechanism for a drawer or some other storage space in the RV. It’s a small step that can make big difference.


Ready to take your office on the road so you can enjoy more flexibility and freedom on your next RV trip? Feel free to visit RV Inn Style Resorts today to view a list of conveniently located and fully equipped RV resorts with all of the necessary amenities to make it easier for you to work from the comfort of your RV.



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