Top Places to Take Your RV When Exploring the Pacific Northwest

Top Places to Take Your RV When Exploring the Pacific Northwest 


The Pacific Northwest – comprising Oregon, Washington, and a large swath of Northern California – is a wildly popular destination for RV trips due to its stunning natural features. Whether you want to drive along the jaw-dropping coastline, traverse through dense forests, over the region’s vast mountain ranges, or all of the above, an RV is the perfect way to see it all with your family. To help get make your planning a sinch, here are some of the best places to take your RV when exploring the PNW. 

Cannon Beach

The name might not be familiar, but there’s no doubt you’ve seen at least a few photos of Cannon Beach’s picturesque coastline. It features a host of monolithic rock stacks jutting out of the ocean with Haystack Rock being the most prominent. This popular landmark stands 235 feet tall and is home to a diverse array of wildlife including the area’s favorite tufted puffins. Colorful tidepools surround the coastline, making it an excellent place to swim. The Cannon Beach shoreline is also known for its lighthouse and sea caves. All of these natural features are easily accessible from the small town of Cannon Beach. 

Mount Rainier National Park

No visit to the PNW would be complete without spending at least a few days in the captivating Mount Rainier National Park. The main highlight – as you might be able to guess – is the iconic Mount Rainier which towers 14,410 feet above sea level offering expansive views of the surrounding beauty. The park is easy to access by RV thanks to a well-connected network of roads making it easy to experience everything from the park’s ancient forests to its colorful wildflower meadows. Spend enough time in the park and you’re bound to come face-to-face with one of the many majestic animals that call Mount Rainier National Park home. 

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument 

Just a short jaunt south of Mount Rainier National Park is the lesser-known but no-less-impressive Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. After a massive eruption in 1980, the area was protected to monitor how the natural area would naturally regrow. If you’re up for an adventure there are some hiking trails leading to the summit of Mount St. Helens. Even without a trip to the top, there’s still plenty to see and do. Bear Meadows is a scenic alpine meadow with stunning views of the valley, and Ape Cave is one of the longest lava tubes in the US, making it a popular hiking spot. 

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area 

No RV trip to the PNW would be complete without a visit to Columbia River Gorge. This breathtaking canyon stretches for more than 80 miles, creating a natural boundary between Oregon and Washington. Although the region is most well-known for its skyscraper waterfalls, with Multnomah Falls and Latourell Falls being the most notable – the Columbia River Gorge has no shortage of fun activities to do with your family. There are endless hiking trails if you feel like breaking a sweat. Don’t forget to stop over at the various lookout points to take in the beautiful scenery. 

Mt. Hood National Forest

You can’t walk through the streets of Portland without seeing the spectacle of Mt. Hood dominating the horizon. When you’re on your RV adventure in the PNW, it’s definitely worth seeing this famous mountain up close and personal. The Mt. Hood National Forest is easily accessible with RV and offers some pristine views of the mountain. You can take a kayak out on the many lakes in the area or head out on the endless hiking trails in the area. It’s a perfect option for all family members with something that everyone is bound to enjoy. 

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge

The PNW is home to some of the most exciting wildlife in the country. Unfortunately, you won’t always have the opportunity to see these majestic animals when on your RV road trip. If you and the kids want a surefire look at wild PNW fauna, the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit stop on your trip. It features 11,000 acres of protected grasslands, mudflats, sand beaches, sand dunes, coniferous forests, and freshwater marshes and houses countless species of wildlife. 

Where to stay exploring the Pacific Northwest by RV

As you bounce around between these amazing spots on your PNW journey, you’ll need a place to stop each night. That’s where RV Inn Style Resorts can help. We have nearly two dozen conveniently located RV resorts around the area. Here are just a few you can consider on your trip: 

Wallicut River RV Resort

If you’re visiting Willapa National Wildlife Refuge, this RV resort is just a short drive away. You might even have time to visit Cannon Beach too if you stay for a few days. 


Phone: (360) 642-3292

Ninety 9 RV Park

Conveniently located just off the junction of Highway 5 and Highway 265, Ninety 9 RV Park is an easy drive from Columbia River Gorge or Mount St. Helens Volcanic National Monument. 


Phone: (360) 573-0351

Silver Cove RV Resort

The Silver Cove RV resort is a perfect option for those visiting Mount St. Helens Volcanic National Monument. You can easily reach it via RV from the resort for a day trip. 


Phone: (360) 967-2057


Ready to plan your next RV trip to the PNW? Make sure you visit RV Inn Style Resorts to learn more about our RV resorts and why they’re a perfect stop along your journey. 

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