Reasons Bandon is a Must-Stop on Your Next RV Trip Through the Northwest

Planning an RV trip through the stunning northwest with a pit-stop in Bandon? You’re in luck! There’s no shortage of family-friendly, exciting, and accessible activities to make your time in Bandon unforgettable. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural surroundings, see what the vibrant Bandon culture has to offer, or take a few days to wind down before moving on with your road trip, you’ll find everything you need in this tiny coastal town. Here, we’ll take a look at some reasons Bandon is a must-stop on your next RV trip through the Northwest.

Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint

The Oregon Coast is famous for its impressive rock formations, and Bandon’s Coos Bay is no exception. Head out to Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint for stunning coast views of special rock formations. If you stand in the right spot, you can make out a face in the rocks. There’s an old Native American tale claiming you can even hear a woman’s voice in the wind when looking at the right angle. There’s a well-maintained trail down to the beach and many intertidal areas explorable at low tide. Make sure to bring your water shoes!

Coquille River Lighthouse

No coastal town is complete without a historic lighthouse for locals and travelers to enjoy. Bandon delivers in this area with the Coquille River Lighthouse, named after the river that feeds into the Pacific Ocean nearby. Initially built to guide local fishermen and merchants into the river safely, the lighthouse now stands as a monument to the area’s recent past. Bring your bikes to ride around the beach and park surrounding the lighthouse or take a peek inside at the museum and interpretive center. Be sure to check their opening hours beforehand.

Washed Ashore – Gallery & Workshop

Both adults and kids love seeing the jaw-dropping art installations at the Washed Ashore exhibit. This non-profit, mission-based gallery features massive sculptures of marine life and other ocean-related subjects made entirely out of ocean pollutants. Described as “art to save the sea”, Washed Ashore is an excellent place to learn more about the negative environmental impact of ocean pollution while taking in the inspiring talents of local Bandon artists. If you’re planning a short drive or bike ride along Coos Bay, this is a must-see.

West Coast Game Park Safari

Bandon might only be a town of 3,000 inhabitants, but it’s home to the largest wild animal petting park in the entire country. Need we say more? West Coast Game Park Safari features over 75 different species of animals including chimpanzees, lemurs, wallabies, bison, reindeer, camels, elk, leopard, lions, and tigers. The minute you step foot in the park, you and your family will be greeted by deer, sheep, goats, and peacocks that are allowed to roam freely throughout the park. You’ll have a chance to feed, pet, and learn more about the amazing animals in the park. Don’t pass Bandon without stopping at this unforgettable place!

Second Street Gallery

Situated in the heart of Bandon’s old town, the Second Street Gallery features a wide range of pieces from local artists. You don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy the beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other artwork featured at the Second Street Gallery. But if you want a unique souvenir, you can only find in Bandon, there’s an attached gift shop too! Here, you can actually buy some of the one-of-a-kind pieces in the gallery. If you’re heading into Bandon for the day, make sure to peek your head in the Second Street Gallery and grab a souvenir to remember your trip. It’s open every day, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting your schedule.


Looking for the best place to stay when RVing through Bandon? You’ve found it! Bandon RV Park is conveniently located within the city limits just a short ¼-mile walk from the Old Town. This high-end park features resort-style amenities including cable TV, WiFi, coin-operated laundry, and much, much more. Check out the official Bandon RV Park site today to learn more about our facilities and to make your reservation.

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